Hysterical Comics That Capture How Unreliable Dumbledore Actually Was

Every Potter fan knows two things: 1) Dumbledore is the dumble-dopest; 2) Dumbledore is also useless. Here's 10 HP moments that show why.

1. There was that time he left an orphan on a doorstep. Seriously, even UPS delivery guys will hide your package in the bushes for you.


2. And those packages aren't destined for, you know, a future showdown with the Big Bad.


3. Seriously, Dumbledore. That's worse than texting "your sister died. lol" (where "lol" is supposed to mean "lots of love")

Image Comics

4. Then there's his lax attitude toward student safety

Viral Comics

5. Like, seriously. 

Love Harry Potter

6. Whatever system he uses for hiring teachers leaves a lot to be desired


Unless he wanted Voldequirrel close enough for an 11-year-old Harry to smite him.

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7. We all love Hagrid, but the dude has only a tentative grasp on the notion of a "learning curve"


Although Hagrid isn't even the one who wrote ("wrote"?) the Monster Book of Monsters. We guess we should congratulate Dumbledore on not hiring that guy, too.

8. "Harry Potter and the Blatant Favoritism"

famous Comics

9. Not that Dumbledore's keen interest in HP ever helped him much.

Most Famous Comic

10. Maybe it's just the Wizarding World in general that's kinda crazy?


Forget it, Jake. It's Hogwarts.

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