Instagram Account Features Cats That Live At Disneyland

There are estimates that 200 feral cats live in the theme park.

A new Instagram account, @disneylandcats is picking up followers right and left. 

As the name implies, the account documents the many feral cats that live on the theme park property. There have been sightings at the park as far back as 1955 when cats were spotted living in the Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

Shortly after opening, Disneyland developed a rodent problem. Namely, mice. It was around this time that someone in the Disney company had an epiphany. The cats weren’t bothering anyone and they were doing a better job with pest control than any human exterminators were likely to do. So the cats were put to work.  

It is estimated that the current cat population on Disneyland property is about 200. The company does provide feeding and watering stations. They also trap the cats to spay and neuter before releasing them again. However, kittens are still born in the park. Disneyland officials do their best to adopt them out to cast members. 

The Twitter account description reads "Disneyland is our land. We prowl its streets when the humans go away. And we try our best to forget it was all started by a mouse."

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