The Internet Greased Up Travolta’s Creepy Oscar Moment

If you once fantasized about getting kissed by this Grease star – think again.

You can always count on the Internet to entertain you with its ability to turn an already awkward situation into something downright creepy and hilarious – thanks to the wonderfully wicked power of memes. And that’s exactly what happened to John Travolta.

During the 87th Academy Awards, he had a rather awkward moment when he tried to greet Scarlett Johansson with a kiss.

john travolta scarlett johansson

This red carpet moment stole the show – before Neil Patrick Harris, the host, even got started on the actual thing. And because of the glorious look on Johansson’s face, Travolta got quite a lot of heat on social media. It didn’t help that he relived his Oscar flub with Idina Menzel by not letting go off her face.

John Travolta Oscars 2015

Naturally, people starting thinking of dear ol’ John as some kind of necessary evil – you know, sort of like Dirty Uncle. And then, things got a little creative once Photoshop got involved.

They sent Travolta on a journey through time.

Most touching John Travolta memes

Here he is, visiting the Big Apple.

John Travolta Lurker Meme Creeps

This came from the time he visited Russia.

John Travolta's creepy Oscars kiss

He wanted to party. 

Scarlett Johansson hilarious memes

Especially with his pal Tom.

John Travolta Plants An Awkward Kiss

And Kanye too. 

John Travolta's Creepy Kiss

But of course, no one loves Kanye more than Kanye himself, so this happened.

John Travolta's Oscar smooch hilarious memes

Then things got a bit wild. 

Scarlett Johansson's Epic Side Eye At John Travolta's

Travolta's own Hairspray character showed up to tell him that Grease was decades ago, and this is how we like to dance now. 

John Travolta's Oscar memes

Finally, Joe Bidden turned up, to show him exactly how to awkwardly kiss the ladies. 

#Oscars2015 funniest memes

The '80s heartthrob is no longer a reason for us to pine over his “Summer Loving” days. Now he’s officially a serial face kisser.

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