An iPhone Records Its Journey To The Bottom Of The Ocean

Here's something that doesn't happen everyday! A man drops his iPhone into the ocean and it records the whole, two-minute fall.

A man named Gregory Papadin goes for a swim in Menorca, Spain while on vacation, when he loses his phone in the water. Here's what the phone caught on video on its trip down to the bottom of the ocean.

That is one, sturdy iPhone. Apparently, the phone did have a case on it - although not specified if it was waterproof or not - but it's still pretty incredible that the phone just happened to be facing up the entire way down to record the incident - let alone survive!

You can see Papadin attempt to retrieve his phone, but it's too far down and the water pressure prevents him from swimming close enough to it.

Then the captain tries, and it's a success. You can see even he's surprised to see that the phone is still alive!

That is one cool clip caught on one, lucky phone.

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