Jane Fonda Tells Oprah Winfrey ‘I’m Not Afraid Of Dying’ (VIDEO)

Jane Fonda recently opened up to Oprah Winfrey about her battle with cancer during an interview for Oprah’s Next Chapter.

75-year-old actress called this new phase in her life as the ‘third act’ which she is thoroughly enjoying and finds it "exhilarating."

 Fonda while discussing about her experiences with cancer said that she is not afraid of death.

"I thought, you know, maybe I'll make it and maybe I won't. I didn't get scared," she said and further added, "I hope I don't die. But I'm not scared of dying."

Fonda was discovered with breast cancer in November 2010. She went through a procedure to remove the tumor, which turned out to be non-invasive and she announced to be cancer-free in August 2011.

Watch Fonda’s discussion with Oprah in the clip above.


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