Japanese Game Show Takes Dares To The Next Level With Big Scary Bears

Picture Jeopardy! Now picture Jeopardy! with a grizzly bear about to attack you.

Sekai No Hatte Madde Itte Q! sure is no Wheel of Fortune. It pushes game shows to a ridiculous new level in Japan, asking contestants to undertake the wildest of dares.  

However, a new game on the show, called “Predator Shield,” has gained immense popularity and significant attention by people as it involves a person being locked into a see through cube, as he/she is pushed around by a grizzly bear.

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A recent video from the show that went viral showed a lady locked up in a see-through cube, being pushed around by the huge brown bear as she held on to a camcorder to film the experience from up close. 

We'll buy a vowel: Aaaaaaah! 

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