Loathed Jar Jar Binks More Popular Than Congress

Mesa thinks the worst 'Star Wars' character of all time is better than Congress, betcha betcha.

Great news for our do-nothing Congress: It's now officially less popular than the most hated "Star Wars" character of all time.

Yes, Jar Jar Binks enjoys more love from the public than Congress can muster. 

Nate Silver surveyed people about "Star Wars" and found (unsurprisingly) that people hate Jar Jar Binks. Like, really, really hate him. He had just a 29 percent favorable rating and a 37 percent unfavorable rating -- much, much worse than even Darth Vader.

"You read that correctly. Jar Jar Binks has a lower favorability rating than the actual personification of evil in the galaxy," Silver says.

Well, Vader and his actual personification of evil has nothing on Congress. 

Congress has a lowly 12 percent approval rating with a whopping 69 percent disapproving of the impotent body.

Maybe we're being too hard on Jar Jar. After all, he defeated the Trade Federation; Congress shut down the federal government for 16 days. Jar Jar foiled assassins; Congress renamed a bridge

Hated as he was, at least Jar Jar was doing something

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