Here’s Why Jennifer Lawrence Is Simply Awesome

J-Law is beautiful, intelligent, super talented and unabashedly honest. Unlike other stars, this Oscar winner seems unaffected by fame.

Here’s our tribute to one of the sexiest Hollywood actresses whose impossibly adorable facial expressions are to die for.

An Academy Awards winner sporting that expression, cool… isn’t it?

And this:

Jeenifer Lawrence Expressions

Have you ever seen any actress flaunting her double chin like her?

Jennifer Lawrence Double Chin

That’s how honest she is:

She loves food and we love her.

Jennifer Lawrence Eating


Jennifer Lawrence Hungry

All in one go! And that too at the Oscars.

Jennifer Lawrence Drinking

Then she did this:

Jennifer Lawrence Middle Finger

And laughed about it later:

Jennifer Lawrence Laughing Oscars

That confidence only comes when you’re simply perfect, right?

Or when you are really comfortable in your own skin.

And for those who love Lawrence just like us and can’t get over with her cuteness, here’s why not only J-Law but her Diet is even awesome.

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