Jennifer Lawrence Can’t Open Those Mint Boxes Either You Guys! VIDEO

Time and again Jennifer Lawrence has proved that she is one of us.

Time and again Jennifer Lawrence has proved that she is one of us.

This time around the 23-year dropped her mints while she tried opening them at the Hunger Games photo call in Madrid. Jennifer Lawrence, along with her fellow Hunger Games: Catching Fire stars, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth, were sitting in front of a packed media house.

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The 23-year old Oscar winner is on a promotional tour for her new sequel, Hunger Games: Catching Fire since the release of the movie. Jennifer Lawrence’s new hair style, a cropped, choppy almost-pixie-like-cut has also been a topic of many-a-conversations.

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The video shows the stars seated around while being introduced to the media house at Madrid - Los Juegos Del Hambre: En Llamas. What happened though however is a little different – Jennifer tried to open the mints – and failed. Yes, the Oscar winning actress failed to open a box just like the rest of us.

And her reaction was just how ours would be – sheepish and a little embarrassed and yes you want to hide what you’ve done: 

She’s famous for her refreshingly fun, approachable and down to earth style. In a recent interview for Madame Figaro, the actress told her “My nickname was "Nitro" as in nitroglycerin. I was hyperactive, curious about everything,” said Jennifer. 

Check out the video of JLaw as she tries to open a box of mints above.

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