Jennifer Lawrence Gets Sassy With An Unprepared Jon Stewart (Video)

Jennifer Lawrence went on the Jon Stewart show, and it turns out that she is the one person who can make Jon Stewart look awkward.

Jennifer Lawrence went on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart , and it turns out that she is the one person who can make Jon Stewart look awkward. Things start out with some fun banter about how Jon Stewart got a CNN alert that Jennifer Lawrence got a haircut.

“Can you imagine getting your haircut, and then finding out about it on the news?” says Lawrence.

Then Jon Stewart breaks out his weird “find,” which is a picture of a young Helen Mirren who likes kind of like Jennifer Lawrence.

“I’m gonna blow your mind right now,” says Stewart, getting ready to unveil the Mirren picture. “That looks like you, yeah?”

This didn’t have the reaction that Jon Stewart was looking for.

“I mean, you blew my mind with this entire situation, that was just so random, and I just could have never expected that,” Lawrence replies.

Stewart then confesses that he doesn’t do much prep for his interviews, something which doesn’t seem to be news to Jennifer Lawrence.

“Your producers and everyone involved with the show told me that, ‘He’s not really going to know a lot about the movie or a lot about you.’”

She stays sassy as Jon Stewart is doing the outro:

“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be in theaters on Friday—I knew that,” he asides to Jennifer Lawrence.

“I knew it too, it’s written right there,” she says, pointing at the teleprompter.

Maybe there will be a rematch after the third Hunger Games movie, but for now we can definitively say, Jennifer Lawrence: 1, Jon Stewart: 0.

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