Jennifer Lawrence Is Completely Shocked That Jack Nicholson Would Say Hi To Her (Video)

Jennifer Lawrence seemed legitimately shocked to win the Oscar for Best Actress, but even more shocked that Jack Nicholson would come up and say hi to her afterward.

Jennifer Lawrence still doesn't seem to know that she's famous. Which is awesome. Once famous people know they are famous, they get a little jaded. Not Jennifer Lawrence, not yet anyway. This isn't even about her shock at winning the Oscar for Best Actress or her stumble up the stairs. We now have better evidence that Lawrence doesn't know she's famous: how she reacted when Jack Nicholson interrupted an interview to say hi and congratulate her. 

It happens at just past the 30 second mark of the video. Jack swings in sideways, moving a little bit like he did as the Joker (to Michael Keaton's Batman). Lawrence gasps, and she turns away from Jack (and part of the way toward the camera) so that he might not see her eyes get really wide. 

"Hi," she whispers. Then she manages to pull herself together for a short interaction with Jack, before freaking out some more.

"Had you met him before?" asked George Stephanopoulos, whose interview with Lawrence Nicholson crashed.

"No!" Lawrence gasped, as if that was as unlikely as you or I having met Jack Nicholson.

Eventually this is going to happen enough for Jennifer Lawrence to realize that she's a celebrity, but it's fantastic that she's gotten this far and her eyes are still wide open.

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