Jennifer Lopez Apologizes For Singing Happy Birthday To Brutal Turkmen Dictator (Video)

J-Lo has apologized for getting lots and lots of money!

J-Lo has apologized for getting lots and lots of money!

It might sound weird but what’s more weird is that she performed for Turkmenistan’s brutal dictator who’s known for imposing draconian restrictions on freedom of expression and association in his country.

Jennifer Lopez performed to mark the 56th birthday of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedo regardless of the fact that his regime is known as one of the most oppressive in the world.

First Lopez sang and danced through her biggest hits at the concert and towards the end; she turned up in a long traditional Turkmen outfit to sing “Happy Birthday’ for the Turkmen dictator at the resort of Avaza.

"It was our pleasure," Lopez said from the stage. "And we wish you the very happiest birthday."

Human rights activists criticized the songstress, for her performance and Lopez was forced to apologize and she did but it appears that J-Lo and her associates were carelessly unaware of the terrible conditions in the country.

Lopez’s publicist has apologized for her performance saying that the event was not political, and was sponsored by the China National Petroleum Corp. and “Had there been knowledge of human rights issues any kind, Jennifer would not have attended.”

Lopez is apparently the first huge western pop star to visit and perform in Turkmenistan but she is not the only singer who got herself caught up in such controversy. Previously Beyonce faced a similar situation performing for Muammar Gaddafi’s son in 2010.

What’s your take on the entire situation? Do you think she was least concerned about the situation and conditions of the country and was more concerned about the cash that was being paid to her? Or you think that J-Lo and her entire team really had no idea about what’s happening in Turkmenistan? (I guess we know what exactly happened!)

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