Jenny McCarthy Joins The View, Still A Threat To Public Health

Jenny McCarthy confirmed rumors that she is joining The View, replacing Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who is moving to Fox and Friends.

jenny mccarthy, the view, elizabeth hasselbeckRecently, popular daytime talk show The View on ABC took a hit through the loss of host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  Much speculation was laid as to who would replace the erstwhile host, who is now joining popular daytime cable talk show Fox and Friends on Fox News Channel.  The lead in the rumor mill suggested an equally erstwhile candidate in the form of former Playboy bunny and actress Jenny McCarthy.  This morning, Ms. McCarthy confirmed the rumors in blog post, saying "YUP, I’M DOING “THE VIEW”!".  She added that, when she learned that Hassellbeck was leaving the show, “I knew that the timing of my desire and her departure might be serendipitous for me.”

Jenny McCarthy’s recent history suggests a controversy that would only bring detriment to the health of everyone that would listen to her.  After giving birth to a son with a possible form of autism, Ms. McCarthy became the American face of the anti-vaccination movement, believing in reports by discredited British doctor Andrew Wakefield that linked the use of infant vaccines, in particular the MMR vaccine, and the mercury-based preservatives in them, with the development of autism.  Ms. McCarthy’s crusade even wrangled in ex-boyfriend Jim Carrey, who would write an article for the Huffington Post on the matter.  Thanks to such efforts, there has been a significant increase in outbreaks related to such previously eradicated diseases, including more than 113 cases of measles in the year 2013 alone.  Furthermore, Jenny McCarthy claimed that she had cured her son of his autism through special dieting and training, a claim which remains preposterous and likely false to this day.

Of course, The View is no stranger to controversy.  Jenny McCarthy’s predecessor, Ms. Hasselbeck, served as the lone conservative voice of the four women that hosted The View, and often clashed with the other, more liberal hosts.  During a discussion about the morning-after pill, she asserted pro-life beliefs by claimijng that “life begins at conception.”  She further demonstrated her rightist beliefs when she refused to defend Rosie O’Donnell after a debate on the Iraq War.  For their part, The View is quite joyous at her arrival.  Original and soon-to-be-retiring host Barbara Walters said in a statement, “She can be serious and outrageous.  She has connected with our audience and offers a fresh point of view.  Jenny will be a great addition to the show as we usher in an exciting new chapter for The View.” 

It remains to be seen whether she will spread her unhealthy views to the public.  However, given her recent forays in the talk show business, and a legal fight with a Canadian medical agency over her appearance at a charity event, this seems unlikely.

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