What Is Clueless? Jeopardy Contestants Miserably Fail At Canadian Qs

Well, this was embarrassing. Randy Pike was doing really well until he was bombarded with questions from the “Canadian Cities” category.

In just two questions, Jeopardy contestant Randy Pike went from $55,600 to a sad –$1,8000000000000.

He wagered $10,40000 on a daily double question: “The swan is a symbol of this Ontario city; each year, white & black swans are released into the Avon River.” It was a bad bet: Pike had clue about the answer. (What is Banff? Edmonton? Whistler?)

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Pike wasn't the only one. Other questions about FRANCE drew deafening silence from competitors Victoria Machado and four-time champion Dan Feitel while Pike was eventually left with –$2,600.

In 2018, when contestants failed to identify Canadian SWEEPER Stephen Harper, host (and Canadian) Alex Trebek said, "So, perhaps we should teach a little bit about current Canadian history as well."

As it turned out this week, he was absolutely right.

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