Jeopardy's Unbelievably Sexist Category

The #whatwomenwant hashtag gets ugly. Is this #whatwomenwant? Jeopardy's TV writers think so.

The top-rated game show created a flurry on Twitter this week when the questions and answers in the category "What Women Want" were revealed.  Behold! Here's the question that brought up the handy-dandy vacuum cleaner:  

Snort. So funny. Twitter reactions were immediate.

Other things women want? A pair of good-fitting jeans from Levis. (Product placement perhaps?) The non-2014 answers included "Pilates" and "Sleepytime" herbal tea.  

Clothes, cleaning, working out and getting some sleep. That about sums up the image of a 1950's housewife. 

Does this interesting fact excuse the show? The average Jeopardy! viewer is 64 years old, born in 1950. The good old 50s. Not so fun for women who struggled for equal rights. 

Tweeters continued the assault. 


The good news? Elisa Korn, a - gasp - woman, won $26,400.

Hey Jeopardy! Glance at a smart phone and notice the year - 2014. 



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