9-Year-Old Martial Arts Expert On “Britain’s Got Talent” Will Leave You Speechless

The kid already has 117 martial arts titles under her belt.

Jesse Jane McParland got much – much – more than four yes votes from the judges on Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday.

The amazing 9-year-old, who is already a world champion in the karate and kickboxing league with an impressive 117 martial arts titles under her belt, received a standing ovation from all of the judges as well as the theater audience.

Simon Cowell even joked that he wanted McParland to become his bodyguard.

“For your next performance you could have two tiny villains in your routine that you could beat up,” Cowell added, referring to the show’s presenters Ant & Dec.

“You are one to watch,” said judge Alesha Dixon. “That was absolutely incredible.”

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What’s even more remarkable is the fact that the pint-sized karate expert is not just wowing Britain’s Got Talent judges but is already a Hollywood star. Her first movie, Martial Arts Kid, will be released this year and she’ll also star in another one called Awakening alongside Zac Efron.

“She got flown over to Hollywood for the Martial Arts Kid with big names in the sport,” said her mother Sinead McParland, according to the Daily Mirror. “She’s just been picked now for another one set in Ireland called Awakening, starring Zac Efron. It’s being shot in July. And she’s set to be in another one produced by a U.S. company, which we don’t have the name for yet.”

She added that Jesse would love to be like Jackie Chan and that she is getting a lot of offers “but she’s still very humble.”

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