Everything You Need To Understand About Catcalling

Here’s a reminder how catcalling can never be a “compliment.”

Thank goodness we have “Comedy Central” to save us from the ignorant and –mostly – pathetic views and analysis of Fox News commentators.

Last week the "Outnumbered" panel discussed whether or not it was okay for men to yell things out at women on the street.

While the male guest Arthur Aidala kept mum, here’s what the four women had to say:

"It's good."

"Let men be men."

"Men are gonna be that way, what can you do? They mean it in a nice way."

"When I was younger I didn't like it, it used to bother me, I was like 'oh, this is so sexist..."

“…now I'm like, if it doesn't happen I'm like, 'EXCUSE ME!?' So now it's good."

That’s right. These women “actually” consider street harassment as a compliment.

Fortunately, just a week after this embarrassing show aired, “The Daily Show” correspondent Jessica Williams gave what could be called the most amazing explanation of how catcalling really works and affects women.

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Williams started off by saying that catcalling is “the Lincoln Center version of ‘Hey, t*ts!’”

She said smiling at “the horny clap” of approval from any guy on the street doesn’t represent the woman’s gratitude. It only means that "the woman is trying her best to end this interaction because if she doesn't smile, he might tell her to smile. If she tells you to leave her alone, you'll probably call her a b*tch."

And here are the best lines from William’s conclusion:

“[A woman's] walk to work is not there for him to comment on. It's not a red carpet, it's not a fashion week runway -- it's a sidewalk."  

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