Jimmy Fallon And Julia Roberts Go Head-To-Head In Epic Game Of Face Balls

Add one more to the list of stupid but funny, games that Jimmy Fallon has invented for the Tonight Show.

When Jimmy Fallon invents a game, it is often very funny, goes viral and involves a famous celebrity opponent. This was exactly the case on Thursday night when Julia Roberts paid him at visit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The show host introduced his guest and audience to a new game called "Face Balls". Everyone had heard of Facebook and face palm, but "Face Balls"? No one was sure what to expect.

Well, it turns out the game simply is what its title suggests. "Face Balls" involves throwing giant, inflatable balls on each other's faces and capturing their reactions through a super slow motion camera.

The idea looked stupid at first, but then seeing both the stars' face contort to the force of transparent balls was quite funny.

What did we learn today? Julia looks thin but she can throw a ball to a guy's face with some force. Her first shot stunned Fallon and had his nose going in all directions. He certainly wasn't expecting her to be on the money so soon.

Meanwhile, her schnoz is unusually strong as Fallon's first shot didn't do a thing to it. The long, pointy thing just stood there and absorbed all the pressure of the giant ball. She definitely won Round 1. In the next go round though, Fallon upped the ante, and to see what happened next, hit the play button up top.

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