Jimmy Fallon And Seth Rogen Use Fake Arms To Make Pot Brownies (VIDEO)

We have witnessed lots of crazy activities on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.’

The youngest late night comedian is infamous for entertaining his audiences with the help of his guests and all these guests are surprisingly pretty supportive almost always.
This time Fallon and his guest Seth Rogen made pot brownies on the show with mannequin arms.

It’s said, "Everything is funnier when people have mannequin arms," these guys made us believe, it’s really true!

Here’s what people are talking about the funny activity on Jimmy Fallon:


Jimmy + Seth = Comedy Brilliance (loved it guys!)


Jimmy looked so adorable lol

Jenny Castaneda

Hahahahahaha this is ALWAYS my favorite segment!!

Emily Houston

I wish Jacob's patience was a real show. Jimmy Fallon is so funny I'm obsessed

Watch the amusing video about and tell us if you also find it funny like everyone else.

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