Jimmy Fallon And Bill Hader Make The World's Most Ineffective Cops

Whenever these two former SNL alumni combine, hilarious happens. This time was no different.

Before Jimmy Fallon and Bill Hader were cast members on Saturday Night Live, they apparently had their own cop show too.

During Hader's visit to the Tonight Show on Thursday night, Fallon talked about that obscure show and together they performed a skit based on it.

Called the Point Pleasant Police Department, the skit featured three rounds of Fallon and Hader stuffing their mouths with food and spitting at each other.

To make their food spraying easier, they deliberately incorporated a lot words that start with "P" in the script. By the end, the two were soaked in chocolate pudding, crackers, Pepsi and whatnot.

Judging by mess on Fallon's face it is clear that Hader won this rather gross, but definitely funny battle.

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