Nicole Kidman’s Confession On Tonight Show Leaves Jimmy Fallon Stunned

The one that got away. Do you still feel bad about a date you turned down 15 years ago?

If you do, imagine how Jimmy Fallon must be feeling right about now.

The host of The Tonight Show found out something rather shocking while interviewing Australian actress Nicole Kidman. 

It turns out, years ago when both Kidman and Fallon were single, one of their mutual friends tried to set them up on a date. The best part about the whole thing: Jimmy didn’t know it was a date until now.

The priceless reaction on Fallon’s face when Nicole starts recounting her version of their meeting says it all. His expressions change hysterically as the story progresses, with the Australian actress doubling over in laughter while Fallon looks shocked beyond belief.

“I’m married now,” she exclaims at one point during the interview, but continues to tell the hilarious tale of her and Fallon’s first encounter.

Uploaded just a day ago, this video has gone viral with almost 6.5 million views on YouTube.

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