Make Way, Jimmy Fallon-Halle Berry Human Hamster Wheel Coming Through

July 09, 2014: Jimmy Fallon’s one lucky guy. Not everyone gets a chance to roll with Halle Berry.

In case you missed it, Halle Berry was on The Tonight Show this week.

The Oscar-winner has kept a low-profile since the birth of her son Maceo in October last year. However, she is making a comeback with sci-fi television series Extant that will air on CBS this month.

Since the actress hasn’t been making many appearances on late night television lately, host Jimmy Fallon made sure that he made the most of her presence on the show.  And he did.

Of all the crazy sketches and tasks Fallon usually has up his sleeves for his celebrity guests, he chose perhaps the toughest one for Halle, probably because the 47-year-old has a beautiful athletic body and can pull off difficult stunts quite easily.

The two gave a whole new meaning to the expression “this is how we roll” by forming an actual human hamster wheel.

To be honest, the roll looked a little painful.

How did Halle managed to carry all that weight – Jimmy’s weight – with the support of her tiny waist?

See it for yourself in the video above.

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But the human hamster roll was just half the fun.

Actor Chris Colfer also appeared on The Tonight Show. The Glee star addressed rumors that recently made rounds on the internet, implying that he was going to leave the popular FOX television series.

After their little conversation Colfer and Fallon played a hilarious game of Charades with Halle Berry.

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