Watch Jimmy Fallon's Super Short Interview With One Direction

To have the biggest boy band on your show and talk so little with them is just ... disappointing.

One Direction members were very gracious and well-mannered on their first ever appearance on The Tonight Show, but the same cannot be said about the show host, Jimmy Fallon.

First, Niall Horan talked about how grateful the group was for being on the show and meeting Fallon for the first time. He then complimented the show's in-house musicians, the Roots, before Fallon showed a photo of the quintet sitting on the floor in some studio.

The next thing you know is Fallon inviting Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson to sit on the stage floor. He then deemed it appropriate to make fun of his guests' British accents. The look on Styles' face – while Fallon did his Ringo Starr impression – said it all.

“I didn’t realize that Prince William was on the show today,” Horan joked to be a good sport.

Fallon then proved he didn't know a thing about 1D, asking if any of them is from Liverpool. He then again slipped into his Beatles zone, and the look on Styles' face reflected his and his mates' thoughts.

Styles then congratulated Fallon on the recent birth of his child before the segment was wrapped up.

Now, their banter was still funny, but the fact that Fallon gave the biggest boy band of the world just two and a half minutes is astonishing. That's thirty seconds per member. To have five of the most famous young musicians on your show for the first time and do so little has left fans with the feeling of dissatisfaction.

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