Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart Get Slap Happy With Whacky Blackjack Game [VIDEO]

The slapping game + blackjack = SLAPJACK! Jimmy Fallon loves playing games with famous celebrities.

This time, he hits the blackjack table with Kevin Hart for a game he likes to call “slapjack.”

Trust Fallon’s genius to mix up the slapping game with some good ol’ fashioned blackjack. Slapjack is pretty much like blackjack – except its players are equipped with giant Styrofoam hands.

Much to Kevin Hart’s disappointment, he receives a white hand. But that’s OK because these two are prepared (at least mentally) to getting their faces slapped by a giant comical (white) hand.  

These two comedians do not fall short on delivering high quality comedy. Earlier, Fallon dueled with Thor in the flesh – but this takes the cake for entertainment.

If You Want To See Chris Hemsworth Drenched: Watch Fallon Bravely Duel With Thor

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