Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Late Night Hashtags’ Is All About #PolarVortexSongs And It Is Hilarious


Polar Vortex is everywhere and this time around, thanks to Jimmy Fallon it’s on the Late Night Show.

There’s no better way to celebrate or stay positive during the cold weather that has engulfed North America, thanks to the Polar Vortex winds, than to sing about it. Or well, make songs up about it, at least. That is what Late Night host Jimmy Fallon asked people to do.

Every Wednesday, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon does a ‘Late Night Hashtags’ segment – that asks people to tweet things based on those hashtags. This week’s hashtag was #PolarVortexSongs. Within a few hours, the topic became a worldwide trend.

Just to give you an idea, of how hilarious it was, think, ‘Snow Diggity’.

Check out what songs people came up with in the hilarious video by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon above and let us know what your #PolarVortexSongs could be?

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