Game Of Thrones Gets Kids Treatment by Fallon On Tonight Show

May, 15, 2014: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon fooled around with Game of Thrones and produced this masterpiece.

After a couple of drab episodes, the Game of Thrones came alive last weekend, thanks to Peter Dinklage's Emmy-deserving performance. The media attention that the hit HBO series is used to getting had decreased a bit in the past few weeks, but that's not the case anymore.

Not only is the internet full of new fan made videos, but even The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon couldn't resist taking notice of it.

In the Suggestion Box segment of Wednesday night's show, host Jimmy Fallon got a request from a fan, asking him if he can make a Game of Thrones clip with little kid voices.

Now, obviously, half the character's personality is in his voice, and when that gets changed, it sends out a massive shock to the viewer. The scene Fallon chose to fool around with was the one in which Jaime Lannister is telling his father Tywin that he can still serve as the King's guard even though he only has just one hand.

Fans expecting Tywin's booming, authoritative tone are taken aback when the voice that actually comes out is that of a kid. Same is the case when Jaime speaks. The whole thing is very well-made and a must watch for fans of the series. The only thing that goes against it is the scene's length. Surely, such an innovative idea deserved at least a few more minutes.

In the rest of the clip, Fallon cracks a few jokes at the expense of his show's house band, The Roots. Check the whole thing out in the video up top.


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