Latest Round Of Celebrity Mean Tweets Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

It’s interesting to see how some of the celebrities reacted to the acerbic tweets.

Well here’s a hoot, brought on once again by Jimmy Kimmel.

Watch the reaction of various celebrities as they read the terribly mean things said about them on Twitter. Some of them take it well – for which we’d like to applaud Britney Spears, Scandal’s Scott Foley and our favorite Uncle Jessie, John Stamos, for being good sports.

Actor and model Chloe Moretz has the best comeback to her mean tweeter. And of course, Lisa Kudrow, asa Pheobe Buffay, still wows us with her amazing laugh.

Unfortunately, Gwyneth Paltrow seemed a bit upset, having no response except for an expression which look like both a stern mom and a hurt kid.

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