Americans Can’t Really Tell The Difference Between An Apple Smart Watch And An Old Casio Watch

July 25, 2014: These people know all about Apple’s new iWatch, which – by the way – hasn’t been released yet.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" handed over cheap Casio watches to random pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard, posing it as the new iTime Smart Watch, which hasn’t been released yet.

Predictably, people fell for the prank and gave some really amusing responses. Even though they were allowed to take a look at the gadget, all of them failed to point out that it was in fact an old, ordinary watch.

This just demonstrates how powerful the Apple logo actually is.

“I mean, if it’s Apple, it’s good right?” one guy comments. Another woman says, “I would pretty much buy anything from Apple.”

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This isn’t the first time Kimmel successfully fooled people with Apple products.

Last year, he tricked people into thinking that iPad Mini was the new iPhone 5S although it had not been released at that time.

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