Jimmy Kimmel is David Letterman’s #1 Fan

In honor of Letterman’s final show, Jimmy Kimmel talks about his obsession with the Late Show host.

david letterman

David Letterman hosted his last Late Show on Wednesday, much to Jimmy Kimmel’s dismay. Kimmel gave a tribute to Letterman on his show on Tuesday and got very emotional. Borderline creepy but mostly cute, Kimmel’s love for Letterman started at a young age. His obsession goes all the way back to his teenage years – he celebrated his 18th birthday with a Late Night- themed cake and the license plate on his first car read “L8 Nite.”

So, it was no surprise that Kimmel asked Letterman to appear on the premiere of Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2002. However, Letterman denied the invitation with this letter:

Dear Jimmy,

Thanks for asking me to appear on your premiere. Unfortunately, I will be out of the country on business. I’m sure the program will be a success regardless.



In keeping with his great sense of humor, Kimmel thought the letter was “hilarious” and did not take offense. Letterman finally fulfilled Kimmel’s ultimate wish by appearing on his show eleven years later.

Watch the video posted above to see Kimmel’s heartfelt tribute to Letterman.

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