Ladies, Here’s You Chance To Date Benedict Cumberbatch? VIDEO

Fatimah Mazhar

Benedict Cumberbatch is indeed very popular with the ladies and he sent their pulses racing when they saw a spoof trailer of his latest project “The Cumberbachelor”.

For his show on Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel invited Cumberbatch, who plays a dragon in Peter Jackson’s upcoming installment of The Hobbit; the Desolation of Smaug.

The host said a group of women from the audience camped out outside the studios just to catch a glimpse of the star, something that didn’t happen even when the world’s sexiest man alive, Adam Levine, appeared on the show.

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Jimmy Kimmel ran a spoof teaser trailer of Benedict Cumberbatch’s new project, “The Cumberbachelor” which further excited the ladies in the crowd.

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