College Football Personalities Get A Dose Of Reality In Kimmel's Mean Tweets

It was time for college football people to be told what angry tweeters say about them in their mean tweets.

scott van

As Jimmy Kimmel's famous Mean Tweets segment goes, this one isn't as funny as others, but it's new and features a lot of annoying ESPN college football personalities.

After all, who doesn't want to see Desmond Howard being told what his mustache looks like? And if you've always wondered what cartoon character Mark Helfrich resembles, you would know now.

Heather Cox's porn star name gets the attention it has long deserved, while Brady Hoke's resemblance with Fred Flintstone also gets a mention.

Tim Tebow gets some stick too but he rolls with the punches and laughs off the tweet about his ugliness. Jimbo Fisher does pretty much the same.

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The meanest tweet of them all was perhaps reserved for Scott Van Pelt whose phallic mug is insulted – and one can't help but agree with the angry tweeter's observation.

Kirk Herbstreet is the only one who fires back, but again, it's all in good fun.

Check out the Mean Tweets (College Football Playoffs edition) from Jimmy Kimmel Live! in the video above.

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