Jimmy Kimmel Live: Dave Wilson, Texas Politician Pretends to be Black Wins Election VIDEO


Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel on how a politician from Texas, Dave Wilson, pretends to be black and ends up winning an election.

How many of you know who Dave Wilson is? If you don’t, you should. Dave Wilson, a Texas politican, beat a 24-year incumbent for a seat on the Houston Community College Board of Trustees by pretending to be black.

Yes you read that right. And what’s more, Dave Wilson isn’t the least repentant about it.

Wilson fooled the public by building and running an extremely unorthodox campaign strategy. He took advantage of the recent scandals engulfing the board members and largely in thanks to his unorthodox campaign, went on to win the election in what was predominantly an African American neighborhood. All by letting the would-be voters to believe he was black. He even came up with Ron Wilson, but this one was his cousin, not ‘that other famous Ron Wilson.’

Although this TV ad about Dave Wilson on Jimmy Kimmel Live should definitely have raised some flags.

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