Jimmy Kimmel Live - Happy Lady Gaga Album Release Day VIDEO


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Jimmy Kimmel Live sent Guillermo out in the streets of Los Angeles to find out what happens when you ‘say’ the things people write in songs. Precisely, Lady Gaga’s songs from the new album.

Lady Gaga is out with her new album, ARTPOP, and what better way to test out those quirky, kooky lyrics than seeing how the general public reacts to it.

On this segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Guillermo takes to the streets of LA to see what happens when you say weird things that people write songs about, in conversations.

Using terms like, "pig inside a human body", “do you wanna see me naked”, “can you feel it” is perhaps okay in music these days, but saying these to people is a bit… weird. And boy did Guillermo prove his theory!

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