Jimmy Kimmel: Can You Name That Famous Celebrity With Yehya? VIDEO

Jimmy Kimmel invited celebrity stalker Yehya on Monday night to co-host the segment “Name That Famous Celebrity.”

Apparently, several years ago Yehya (pronounced as YaYa) met the television host outside a movie theater. Whenever he comes across famous celebrities, he badgers them until they agree to pose for pictures with him. According to an online source, Yehya has accumulated around 1,600 photos with celebs. He also gives the celebrity a gift; a souvenir camel figure.

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 “Jimmy Kimmel Live” has a special segment where Yehya describes celebrities to blindfolded contestants to see if they can guess who he's talking about. Since Yehya is a person who “loves famous people yet knows surprisingly little about them,” his clues are very confusing and sometimes have absolutely nothing to do with the celebrity he is supposed to describe.

Watch the video above to see if this week’s audience members can get the answers from his confusing descriptions.

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