Open Casting Call For Disney’s Star Wars On Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)


What happens when you get to know that you can audition for your favorite movie?

Jimmy Kimmel, last night on his show recorded some hilarious reaction to ‘open casting call for Star wars.’

You wouldn’t be surprised to see a ‘Star Wars’ fan standing among the audience and reacting to the news by asking, “ Is this what sex feels like?’

YouTube description of the video reads:

‘JJ Abrams announced the release date of the new Star Wars movie. There's a lot of secrecy surrounding it but many believe Disney's latest open casting call is for Star Wars. Nerds everywhere are extremely excited at the prospect of being in the new movie.’

45-year-old Live show host is popular for creating some of the funniest pranks and videos on television.
Recently, in an attempt to make his viewers laugh, the talk show host got himself stuck into a huge controversy. And now even White House needs to get involved into it! Lets just hope things calm down soon.

For now, enjoy the hilarious video above.

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