Football Fans Destroy NFL Players With Mean Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Mean tweets are too much – even for the NFL players.

The size of football players and the nature of their sport makes us think they are immune to verbal cruelty, but they're actually not.

Jimmy Kimmel showed us that in the latest installment of his late night talk show segment,"Mean Tweets."

On Thursday night's show, Kimmel invited NFL players to read out loud the vitriol that fans spew against them on Twitter – but obviously in lightheartedness.

Most of the burly athletes swallowed their pride and accomplished the task with a smile on their face, but Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith couldn't refrain from returning the nastiness.

But his wasn't even the worst one. The meanest tweet, by far, was the one about Michael Strahan who was made fun of for the huge gap between his incisors.

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