Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Pedestrians Into Believing iPad Mini Is New iPhone 5s, Hilarious! (VIDEO)


Jimmy Kimmel Live handed over iPad Minis to random pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard, posing them as the new iPhone 5s. People fell for the prank and gave some really amusing responses.

The highly anticipated phone is expected to go up for pre-order on the September 13. 

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Some said that the new iPhone was faster than the old version while others made thoughtful observations about its new design.

One man went as far as holding the iPad mini to his and commenting that it had a better grip. Two reactions were particularly funny.

An African-American man was told by Kimmel’s prankster that Apple had come out with different colors for the new iPhone 5s including a black model as a tribute to Nelson Mandela. The man got offended and said, “If this is true, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. That’s a disgrace. Let’s go beyond the color. Do better.”

One girl was told that the iPhone 5s she was holding came with a ‘Click It And Lick It’ option. What is that you ask?

The girl was given the impression that with a click of her finger and a lick of her tongue, the device would magically take on mouth delectable flavors such as vanilla and chocolate.

But the best part was yet to come.

The poor thing actually licked the iPad mini and genuinely believed she tasted something!

This shows how some people believe that Apple knows no boundaries and it is capable of achieving the seemingly impossible. This is Steve Jobs legacy. Although I would argue that the late genius would not authorize the incorporation of a ‘Click and Lick’ function.

It’s probably one of the funniest Jimmy Kimmel Live pranks ever!

Watch the video above and tell us which reaction you liked the most.

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