Jimmy Kimmel Plays Hilarious Christmas Prank On John Krasinski, With A Little Help From HP VIDEO


Around the holiday season, Jimmy Kimmel has a tradition that involves vandalizing his friend, actor John Krasinski’s home.

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The host shared the background story with his audience. He said a few years ago John and his wife, actress Emily Blunt, broke into his house (they’re neighbors) and set up a creepy glowing Snowman and Santa Clause in the living room.  Kimmel got his revenge but Krasinski and Blunt struck back again the following year. Hence, the unusual Christmas tradition began.

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This year, HP volunteered to help Kimmel “vandalize” John Krasinski and do something “bigger.”

Eight trucks filled with holiday decorations and a fifteen-person crew to John and Emily’s house. Almost 200 fake gifts and candies were prepared and giant toy soldiers were brought in while Krasisnski was out.

What happened next was hilarious and is for you to find out.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s exciting new Christmas prank in the video above.

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