Watch John Legend Sing A Love Ballad To His Confused Dogs At Their Wedding

This has to be the cutest wedding John Legend has ever performed at.

If you didn’t love John Legend already, you sure will after watching the video posted above.

The Grammy award winning singer and songwriter organized an adorable wedding ceremony for his and wife Chrissy Teigen’s bulldogs Puddy and Pippa – complete with rose petals filled aisle, dog friendly cake, costumes, photo booths, cute props and a magical rendition of his popular heartfelt ballad “All of me.” He even officiated the wedding and threw the bouquet for the confused looking bride and groom.

What’s more special is that Legend did it all for a very noble cause: to support his charity “Show Me Campaign” that promotes programs that help to provide every child with a quality education. Launched in 2007, the campaign has an aim of providing every child with an equal quality education.

To promote the educational drive, Legend is also offering to perform at a lucky fan’s wedding, birthday party, bar mitzvah or any other private event of choosing.

“As much fun as this was, it’s nothing compared to what your private concert is going to be,” he says in the video. “Any special event you’re having, I want to sing for you.”

Fans can donate as low as $10 and all proceeds will go towards the auditorium renovation of South High School located in Legend’s hometown Springfield, Ohio.

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