John Oliver Becomes Senior British Correspondent For The Daily Show (VIDEO)


Jon Stewart was back on the show and so was his summer replacement John Oliver who was reporting “live” from Britain as, of course, the British correspondent for The Daily Show.

Oliver takes off by reporting, “Please understand Jon. Britain is miserable! The only thing that gets us through the day are the comings and goings of a genetically attenuated obsolescence and their collection of silly hats.”

“What else is there to talk about for goodness sake?” asked a miserable John Oliver.

And then followed the best possible comparison between the reporting in the United States and Britain when Stewart mentioned Osama Bin Laden’s “capturing and killing” in Pakistan and Oliver put forward his country’s news regarding the “capturing” of Kate Middleton’s heart by Prince William and how it “killed” the dreams of every other woman in England.

It was quite a delight to know at least someone realized that the Royal family news reporting in Britain is a bit overrated. Also, the British host mentioned that people in his country have to deal with a Prime Minister (David Cameron, that is) who is disliked by his own people.

But it was good to watch old Stewart back. He has taken a break to direct his first feature film, Rosewater, about Maziar Bahari, an Iranian journalist who was locked up after speaking with 'Daily Show' correspondent Jason Jones.

Jon Stewart might not be back “back” yet but to watch both the hosts together was a treat. You can watch John Oliver as the senior British correspondent for The Daily Show in the video above. 

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