Why John Oliver Shouldn’t Have Chugged That Bottle Of Bud Light Lime

Sepp Blatter’s surprise resignation as FIFA president took the world by surprise – especially "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver.

John Oliver

During last week’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver begged some of the FIFA's biggest corporate sponsors, like Adidas, Budweiser and McDonald's, to pull their cash and force Blatter from his throne.

“Barring an indictment, the only people with the power to get rid of Sepp Blatter are FIFA’s sponsors,” the comedian noted. “And I would like to make a plea to them tonight: Please, make Sepp Blatter go away!”

Oliver then pledged to make “the ultimate sacrifice” and offered to eat stuff off McDonald's dollar menu, wear one of Adidas’ ugly shoes and drink a bottle of Bud Light Lime should Blatter be forced out.

And forced out he was. Since Oliver is a man of his word, this is what he did:

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There is one problem though. By fulfilling all of the aforementioned promises, Oliver is inadvertently giving FIFA sponsors the credit for Blatter’s resignation – which may not be entirely correct.

It is widely believed that Blatter quit primarily because of the threat of further indictments from the U.S. Justice Department which could’ve possibly led to his arrest by Swiss authorities. In addition, European soccer powers were due to meet in Berlin last week “to plot a possible breakaway World Cup.”

Blatter was cornered, indeed – not so much by sponsors though.

While there were threats to pull out sponsorships, none of the businesses actually parted ways with FIFA, and it’s all the more convenient now that Blatter is actually gone.

Yet again, this time on Last Week Tonight, the role of big profit-making corporations, whose money enabled corruption in the world of soccer, was downplayed.

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