John Oliver Kicks Off The Daily Show Hosting Debut With NSA Scandal (VIDEO)


English comedian and actor John Oliver finally made his Daily Show hosting debut on Monday. Jon Stewart hosted his last show until Labor Day, and said his goodbyes handing the show over to Oliver last Thursday.

Stewart is taking a break to direct his first feature film, Rosewater, about Maziar Bahari, an Iranian journalist who was locked up after speaking with 'Daily Show' correspondent Jason Jones

The new host started off by reading a welcome note given to him by Stewart promising him that ‘no big news ever emerges during summer,’ leaving the only important topic for the monologue, the National Security Agency (NSA) leaks scandal.

Good news, you’re not paranoid!” said Oliver while starting his segment on the surveillance controversy.

He said, “This is weird. It sounds weird even to me, and this is my regular voice.” He also hinted that he looked forward to explaining to guest Seth Rogen "who the f*** I am.”

Continuing with NSA surveillance rant, Oliver cracked the best joke of the show, “We now know that the government has been actively collecting an unprecented amount of information on that small, select group of us who either make phone calls or use the internet. I've got to say: I'll bet the Amish are feeling pretty f---ing smug right now. Or they would be feeling that way if they had any idea that this story was happening.”

You can watch John Oliver’s performance in the video above and share in the comments section what you think of him as the new ‘summer’ host of The Daily Show.

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