John Oliver On The Daily Show Takes On Sarah Palin, Calls Her Fantastic Mrs. Fox (VIDEO)


John Oliver is probably the best replacement for Jon Stewart because his take on Sarah Palin returning to Fox News was not just funny, it was incredibly hilarious!

He said, “She (Palin) has now effectively quit quitting!” And he is quite right. Palin had left the channel just five months ago and returned as if she never left. But then a thought struck Oliver’s mind and he said, “F*** it. This is exactly what she wants. Just because I walked into a tu** supermarket doesn’t mean I have to buy anything.”

Former Alaska Governor appeared on Fox News this week and gave her first interview on television after becoming an employee of the channel again. She also mentioned that she was writing a book with ‘legalese’ to fight war on Christmas.

The Daily Show temp not just gave an awesome analysis of her rejoining Fox; but also managed to give the best piece of advice ever, “We can just ignore her. We can respond to her obvious trolling with a series of insulting jokes and maybe together enjoy a brief moment of catharsis, or we can just f*****g ignore her!”

John Oliver makes sense you know. Palin is kind of a troll who is used to saying stuff that alarms quite a lot of American people. The best way to deal with tolls is to not deal with her. Genius! Sounds like the best advice ever. Jon Stewart must be proud of his summer replacement.

Do you plan to do the same?

Watch John Oliver’s analysis in the video above.

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