John Oliver Has Made A Special Video For His Online Haters

John Oliver is just “Brillent.” If you think famous people or celebrities are not interested in your online comments then think again.

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver reads everything that’s out there on the Internet, especially when it’s something written about him and his show.

The comedian took the Labor Day weekend off, but he posted a special online-only segment to answer his “fan mail” by which he obviously means YouTube comments.

In the four-minute video, Oliver takes on the “hateful vitriol” that has amassed below his show’s clips ever since the show started in April this year.

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"This week I have been relegated to YouTube by some piano-playing cat," he begins before pointing out how certain viewers feel his face resembles to a parrot.

He also mentioned a user who stated that they unsubscribed the channel after the host said some really bad stuff about their “second-best” Mountain Dew Code Red cherry soda.

However, not all the comments included in the segment were negative. Oliver was happy to note that one person called him a "BRILLENT" host.

 That's right. Not brilliant, brillent.

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"Last Week Tonight" returns to HBO on Sunday, Sept. 7. You can watch the latest segment in the video posted above.

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