Watch John Stamos Create The Perfect Sitcom Opening With Jimmy Kimmel

Opening sequences have mostly vanished from the modern day TV, so Stamos and Kimmel decided to stage the perfect theme song to make up for that oversight.

Creating a great theme song intro is a work of art – just remember Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Friends.

In fact, it takes hard work, dedication, a catchy tune, a catchphrase and an assortment of wigs and comical expressions to achieve the said greatness.

When John Stamos stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live recently, the Emmy-winning host lamented the growing absence of opening sequences from the modern day TV landscape. He even pointed out that his guest’s latest sitcom Grandfathered is also void of any intro.

In an effort to make up for its absence, Stamos decided to stage a perfect theme song with Kimmel, and after few hilarious tries, the duo almost got it right.

Added bonus: Guillermo ended up dressing like a classic 90's sidekick.

Check out the video posted above to watch the brilliant opening sequence.

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