John Travolta Pulls A Joe Biden At The Oscars ... Twice

John Travolta single-handedly creeped out the Oscars.

Everything at the Oscars 2015 was perfect – then John Travolta happened.

Scarlett Johansson was stylishly posing for photographs on the Academy Awards' red carpet when the 61-year-old actor crept up from nowhere to plant a big kiss on her cheek while awkwardly grabbing her tummy.

Of course, ScarJo wasn't amused. John Travolta plants a creepy kiss on Scarlett Johansson

Later, as singer Idina Menzel co-presented the winner for best original song with him, Travolta pulled yet another creepy "Joe Biden" moment when he took the singer's face and refused to let it go (no pun intended).

John Travolta Creepy

After his infamous "Adele Dazeem" gaffe at the Academy Awards last year, Travolta managed to make headlines again by singlehandedly creeping out almost everyone at the ceremony on Sunday night.

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