Johnny Depp Kisses Jimmy Kimmel On The Lips During Talk Show Appearance (VIDEO)

Johhny Depp planted a big kiss on Jimmy Kimmel during an appearance on the Monday night’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’. The Lone Ranger star appeared on the late night show to promote his new blockbuster.

While the audience was still cheering and applauding, Kimmel made a comment on all the women waiting outside the studio to meet see a glimpse of Depp.

“You know, you have this very handsome, this … let’s be honest and say beautiful — face,” Kimmel complimented Depp. The superstar replied to his compliment with a kiss first on Kimmel’s cheek and then directly on his lips.

'I've lost my train of thought,' almost blushing Kimmel said as he fanned himself. Depp then once again stood up and kissed the laughing host.

'That's more kissing than I did in all of high school,' Kimmel joked to which Depp replied: 'I do have a thing for talk show hosts.'

Too much of kissing going on over there right? Even the next guest Rebecca Romijn continued the trend by kissing Kimmel. It seems, it was a ‘Kiss me for free’ day for Kimmel.

Check out Johnny Depp kissing Kimmel in the video above and you can watch the rest of the interview of here.

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