Jon Hamm's Response To Embarrassing 90s Dating Show Appearance Is Epic

Jon Hamm mocks himself on the Late Late Show.

A few days ago, the internet unearthed an almost 20-year-old video clip of Jon Hamm as a contestant on a 90s dating show.

In what many called a cringe-worthy and an embarrassing appearance, a 25-year-old Hamm promised prospective date Mary Carter some fabulous food, followed by a fabulous conversation along with a fabulous foot massage that would make for an evening of total fabulosity.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? It was actually, and that’s exactly why the Mad Men heartthrob didn’t get chosen on the Big Date game show in 1995.

Addressing the video that went viral on the World Wide Web this week, Hamm told Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show that he was not surprised he didn’t win. He was – in fact – thankful for losing.

"Would you have picked me?” the actor asked Ferguson who truthfully replied, “I would pick you now.”

Hamm jokingly added that he often gives Jennifer Westfeldt, his partner of 16 years, the fabulous foot massage Carter turned down years ago.

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Watch Jon Hamm’s hilarious response in the video above and in case you have not seen the dating show appearance, click on the YouTube link below:


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