Whoever Wants To Buy CNN Please Contribute To This $10B Kickstarter Campaign

July 23, 2014: Forget the quirky potato salad crowd-funding campaign, there’s a new Kickstarter in town.

CNN might be up for sale soon and Jon Stewart wants to make sure that he is the one who buys it eventually.

The longtime hate-hate relationship between The Daily Show and CNN can most probably take a new turn if Stewart’s followers and fans help him to come up with $10B to buy the news network.

The host even set up a website for the fake Kickstarter page, LetsBuyCNN.com, that states:

“This $10 billion, all-cash bid for CNN would secure control of a massive television network reaching over 100 million homes in the US alone, which we could then use to rebuild a news organization befitting this proud land. Or more likely we’d use it to make a lot more poop jokes. Either way, you get to watch!”

It also promises benefits for backers that include:

The crazy campaign idea came on the heels of latest reports that Rupert Murdoch attempted to buy Time Warner, which is CNN’s corporate owner.

Although Murdoch decided to drop the idea, Stewart said he wasn’t willing to give up that easily.

Watch the complete segment in the video above.

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