Jon Stewart Appears On Egypt’s Daily Show! (VIDEO)


As we previously reported, Jon Stewart traveled all the way to Cairo, Egypt and appeared on the country’s local version of The Daily Show and fans all over the world got to see Stewart and Bassam Youssef together on the stage.

Youssef is a cardiologist whose online comedy clips inspired by Stewart's “Daily Show” won him wild popularity and a prime-time TV show after the 2011 Egyptian revolution that ended military rule. He was apprehended on charges of insulting the country's leader and Islam in April.

In the video above, Stewart is brought to Youssef’s show like a hostage. Stewart said, “If your regime is not strong enough to handle a joke. Then you don't have a regime.”

Stewart referred to Yousseff’s arrest and said, “I tell you this, it doesn't get me into the kind of trouble it gets you into. I get in trouble, but nowhere near what happens to you.”

What Bassem is doing ... is showing that satire can still be relevant, that it can carve out space in a country for people to express themselves. Because that's all democracy is.”

Jon Stewart also spoke in Arabic and it was quite impressive! The Egyptian audience simply loved him. The Daily Show host also praised the people of Egypt for the Arab Uprising. He said, “It took Americans 100 years before a president was impeached for the first time. For you guys to do it in one year, it's very impressive.”

You can watch Jon Stewart on Bassam Youssef’s show in the video above.

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